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Jyoti Graziano


Photography gives me the chance to completely forget about myself, and see others with fresh eyes.

In my photoshoots I love to create a space in which each one can connect with themselves,

and participate actively in the creative process of the photoshoot.

I mainly work outdoors in natural locations: here I feel that the elements can positively influence

our inner state infusing fresh energy and inner freedom.

I am mostly passionate about working with women and being in service to their empowerment,

but I welcome and love to work with each expression, gender and age group.


I wish to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual expression,

and at the same time remind that we are part of a greater creative power

and spiritual dimension, where ultimately we find our completeness.

"Dear Jyoti, thank you for your amazing work.
You supported me to express the essence
of my being and my work, through your photos.
My course Golden Gate, for which I wanted the photos for,
got fully booked and I got amazing feedback on the pictures.
All my wishes came true in this photoshoot and even beyond.
I recommend you fully. Thank you so much"

Lucia Fürstenberg-Maoz

Business Coach

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jyoti copy_edited_edited_edited.png

Jyoti Graziano

 inspire | love | empower

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