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Self Love

More and more I see that beauty has nothing to do with certain body shapes and standards,

but in the freedom of one's expression and inner state. 

"Self-Love" is an invitation for you to take part in a creative process

while I make the space in which you can freely express.

It is a gift you can give to yourself to mark an important time in your life,

a change of direction, a wish to open up to a new version of yourself, 

or simply if you need to step out of your usual circumstances and have fun.

In this photoshoot you are an active co-creator: we work with the theme or intention

that is important to you and I can help you find the right location,

clothes and creative elements for you to play with.


This type of photoshoot is a very empowering experience,

both for me and my client. 

It is a process of connection, of building trust in each other,

and letting ourselves just open and unfold. 

From my side it is a process of "decoding", or finding the key to that moment,

when my client is totally relaxed and her presence fully shines through. 

for a free consultation! 

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Jyoti Graziano

 inspire | love | empower

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