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My Offers
My photoshoots are tailor-made for you,

These are the options I offer for each photoshoot.

Creative Branding photoshoot

Whether you need a simple photoshoot to refresh your online presence, 

or you are in need to create a brand new image for your business, this is for you.

  • a first free consultation call to understand your vision and needs 

  • creative input and mood board

  • location search

  • make-up and clothes assistance

  • different lengths of photoshoots and packages of edited photos 

Motherhood & Self Love photoshoots

For your maternity and self-love photoshoots I wish for you to enjoy a space of creative freedom.

You may wish to have your photos taken at home or in nature, clothed or naked,

with a natural grounded feeling, to be more colourful or very elegant.

  • a first free consultation call to understand your wishes, intention or theme    for the photoshoot

  • a second call to discuss practical and creative elements 

  • make-up and clothes assistance

  • location search for photoshoots in nature

  • studio lighting if indoor

  • different packages of edited photos

  • a discounted offer if you book a pregnancy and newborn photoshoot together

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About Me

Born in Rome in 1983, I studied Social Anthropology, Black & White film photography and Documentary photography in London. I started photography fascinated by the old film cameras and black and white film photography.

In London I participated in founding the no-profit organisation Fotosynthesis, dedicated to provide free access to film and digital Photography to those who cannot afford it. I facilitated groups of participatory photography with elementary school children, young refugees, and single mothers. 

This participatory approach is still very alive in the way I carry out my photoshoots today: I take photos simply because I love meeting new people, getting to know their story, and participate in the dance of life with my camera.

In 2012 an inner change, brought me to leave London to move to Portugal, where I lived in the centre of self-realisation of Monte Sahaja with Mooji,

my spiritual teacher. These days I continue to be based in South Alentejo, Portugal, where I work as a photographer.

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jyoti copy_edited_edited_edited.png

Jyoti Graziano

 inspire | love | empower

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